What is Together Through Life?

This year I am turning 30, a fact that I’m using as a motivator and excuse to write about the music that has been released in my lifetime. This will be a weekly feature that explores releases from every year, starting with 1994 and which will cover music by everyone from Fiona Apple and Tom Waits to Courtney Barnett and Billie Eilish, Lianne La Havas, Bob Dylan, Taylor Swift, Kamasi Washington and more. This series will run until November 19th.

Alongside this main feature, there will also be sporadic concert reviews and a secondary, less frequent, feature titled Reading Music where I’ll discuss and review the music books that I’ve read.

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Who’s it written by?

I’ve been working in the music industry since I was 18 and have been interested in writing since long before that. Most of my writing has been about Bob Dylan - and specifically his live work - whether as a guest-writer on other peoples substacks or here, in my book - Together Through Life, but has also covered other subjects, such as gospel and spirituals, Christmas music and Doc Pomus.

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Writer about music generally and Bob Dylan specifically. This year I am exploring the music of the last 30 years, one year at a time. Also on the way will be posts about Bob Dylan's live work and music book reviews.


Writer about music generally and Bob Dylan specifically